As I got older, there are things I no longer want to apologise for.

👑People pleasing by fear of being rejected
👑Saying yes when I want to say no
👑Not replying to messages when I don’t feel like it
👑Going vegan and alcohol free several times a year
👑 Making my mental health a priority
👑 Making my body a priority and paying attention to what I eat
👑 Not going out when I need me time
👑 Partying until the sunrise when I am having a great time
👑 Talking about money online – I am running a business
👑 Leaving bad relationships. Bad friendships
👑 Saying no to clients I don’t vibe with

Ho… and the last one: dancing on reels even though I am no longer 15 years old and it’s not business related 😉

What about you? Anything you want to stop saying « sorry » for? I’d love to know.