I love you, but I love myself more.

The one thing that changed my life:
Putting my relationship with myself first.

The spiritual Guru, the mindset coach…
They all lied to us.

To be a happier version of yourself,
you don’t need:

– To wake up at 5 am
– A never ending morning routine
– To journal every night
– A hot girl ( or guy )
– More money

Becoming happier is NOT about ADDING more things to your life ✋

It’s about:

-> Getting RID of the stuff bringing you down.

-> Making space for the things that you love.

I spent the day yesterday in studio training with my favorite dance teacher.

Thanks so much for reminding me who I am Jana Slosarova 🔥

Not only a coach or a mentor.

An Artist, a free spirit, a dreamer.

PS: Dancing can be part of your marketing strategy, it’s been mine from day 1 on Instagram.

PSS: I woke up at 5 am to take my little girl to a gym competition. Proud mama 😍