One single message can change the trajectory of your life.

Picture this ☕️

Yesterday afternoon.

At my desk, drafting a new contract.

An unexpected voice note.

We met 5 months ago.

He stood out from the crowd like a shining star in the sky ✨

His comments, thought provocatives.

His aura, magnificent.

We messaged back and force for months.

Watching from the side line.

Like a secret code.

One day we’ll talk.

We don’t push.

We both trust devine timing.

Yesterday was THE day ☎️

He calls me out of nowhere.

It’s the middle of the night for him.

The middle of the day for me.

-> We talk for an hour.

-> A deep, expansive, raw conversation.

-> I feel like I have known him forever.

Yet, we live millions miles apart.

We should have never met.

But here we are, talking like 2 old mates.

And I suddenly realised:

This is WHY I am here for 🤩

> Not for the templates.

> Not for the smoke and mirrors effect.

> Not for the vanity metrics.

I am here to build a TRIBE of incredible human beings, ready to make an IMPACT in this world.

💫 Soul Connection.

I know I have a friend for life.

Not just another Internet friend.


What about you? Do you have a 3 am friend?