ARE YOU READY to reclaim your power?

I’m looking at YOU, practitioners, business owners, female entrepreneurs, and high achievers, because I’ve created this Solar Chakra meditation with you in mind …


 Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed?

 Are you done struggling with feeling stuck?

 Do you wish you could just wake up in the morning feeling excited, confident, worthy of the success you’re craving?


I’ve got you!

I’m Geraldine, your Spiritual Business Alchemist. I’ve spent the past 2 years helping female entrepreneurs, senior executives, business owners just like you to go from feeling stuck, fearful and overwhelmed, to embracing their spirituality and creating the life of their dreams.

Before I got totally savvy on energy mastery, I too used to feel frustrated and full of doubts. I know exactly how it must feel when you are throwing everything into your business, career, or relationship and you get little in return.

I am now on a mission to bring meditation and chakra balancing in a fun and authentic way, to help you reclaim your TRUE POWER and get your work out into the world! I know my work does MAGIC which is why I’m sharing with you my secret to create the lifestyle you dream of one chakra at a time!

In this one-of-a-kind guided meditation, you’ll learn how to:

  Raise your vibration to manifest your heart’s desires


 Activate your power source and reclaim abundance into your life


 Embody your energy and move forward with confidence


 Ditch the fear that’s holding you back from creating your own reality



The meditation is recorded at 432 HZ which is the very same frequency that comes from the sounds of ancient healing instruments! When you listen to this powerful audio with binaural beats (Theta brain waves), you’ll start to feel unbounded happiness and joy as all your anxiety melts away. AND…just for you included… 3 min of powerful subliminal affirmation to help you manifest like crazy and attract more abundance into your life!


All you have to do is set aside 10 minutes when you wake up, push a button, and listen to the powerful sound EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


You are going to hit DOWNLOAD.


The Solar Chakra meditation is going to land straight in your inbox!


Then you’re going to find a comfortable position, grab your headphones to get the full benefits of the binaural bits, gently close your eyes, and press “PLAY”.


Stress, anxiety and tension will melt away, and you will feel lighter.
You’ll stop noticing things which previously ‘bothered’ you..
simply by sitting back and listening…