Today, I spent the day channeling…🙏

I didn’t show up on social, I enjoyed switching off and spending time with ME.

I also did an energetic exchange with a powerful Shaman. I channelled for her and she then channelled for me.

Tears were flowing all over my face. Goose pumps visualising in my 3rd eye her future powerful brand shining through me.

I can not wait to share more with you…but for now I am full of gratitude for the Universe to have gathered around me so many incredible women. Healers. Shaman. Business mentors. Artists.

The other day I was sharing that I haven’t had a coach in months…and that I owed my success to incredible healers and mentors.

Today I realised I forgot to mention… the incredible women in my life…my amazing sisterhood community.

In a world where we are being taught to compete from a very young age, I chose to defy the norm.

I chose to give and to receive, with no judgement or fear.

I chose to surround myself with powerful women, only the best. The ones I can calibrate to and who get me for who I am.

The ones who saw my gift before I even dare claiming it to the world.

Feeling blessed.

Namaste 💕