19th DECEMBER 2020 😨

I will never forget that date.

I could no longer breath, shivering, unable to move from my bed.

I knew I had it…and the test confirmed it.

Followed 10 days of isolation, reflection, inner healing….decisions making. 3 weeks later, my appendix exploded…

I understood something had to change. I took time off from my business, from people…to heal, to reconnect, to hear the messages my guides wanted me to hear.

Followed the unexpected….I have had my biggest year in business. Attracting soul aligned clients with ease and flow. Being fully booked. Amazing breakthrough. My healing and psychic abilities propulsed to another level allowing me to create even more magic and to raise my pricing.

BUT…last week…I felt it…again…my body…being weaken.,,I didn’t want to listen to I kept going…then I knew…I did the test…negative…Still I was convinced something was coming.

19th DECEMBER 2021 🙄

I test positive AGAIN. Time stops suddenly. Announcing the news to my little girl, she is in tears. We won’t be flying to France to spend Christmas with our family.

I am devastated. 12 months later. Same day. And I am angry. I am healthy, sporty, I don’t take medicine, I don’t “really” drink..I am a healer. I meditate several times a day. So why? What is the Universe really trying to tell me here?

So I decide to do what I preach. I am gonna walk with my pain, tears rolling down my eyes, and BREATH on it…It’s time to surrender…. to lose control….I am ready to let go 🙏

And in the middle of a session to myself? thats it, I have channeled it. My lesson..my breakthrough.

I’ll share it in the next couple of days.

For now, I am wearing my pinky dress and I am celebrating my deceased grand mother, for showing me the way during my channeling. And for always trusting.

STAY SAFE, time is the most precious thing …once it’s gone, we can never get it back.