My Life’s journey is the DEEPEST TRANSFORMATIONAL certification I’ve ever received…

I may have 7 certifications under my belt, but these are NOT why my clients hire me.

They hire me because they know I have been where they are, they feel SAFE around me.

✔️ Recovering from depression through Energy work when I was 20 … allows me me to heal my clients inner-child and change their life.

✔️Starting my life again in a country I didn’t even speak the langage with only 2 suitcases…allows me to guide those who are stuck on a life’s change.

✔️Overcoming a burn-out allows me to teach my clients how to breakthrough co dependant unhealthy relationships.

✔️Leading Sales teams in the Tech industry trained me on how to be heard in a masculine industry…now helping my clients find their voice online.

✔️Travelling the world in my 9-5 with a brand new baby whilst training to become a coach certified me to teach my clients that they too, can do it all.

✔️Quitting my comfy corporate job to become an entrepreneur allowed me to teach my clients how to trust their intuition to live their life purpose.

✔️Teaching Reiki for over 20 years allowed me to create explosive breakthrough all around the world.

✔️ Making $100,000 a year age 26, certified me to teach my clients how to make a lot of money regardless of their age.

✔️Dancing Salsa on stage in Bulgaria age 40 allows me to teach my clients that sexy is a mindset.

✔️Overcoming severe health issues allows me to teach my clients that healing work starts from within…

✔️Changing my branding every season and exploding my business, allows me to teach that not fitting in a box – or a niche – is ok 😉

One thing I have learnt, is that people buy from people…they buy your energy, not your qualifications.

If you’re ready to be seen, heard and valued, and finally create the success that you crave , then I would love to hear from you. 🐆