Let me know if you already made an investment that you felt did not pay off 😳

Where you felt cheated on…creating massive trust issues…I know I get it…believe me.

Lately, I have had more and more people dropping me messages to ask me who is writing my posts. Or who is my coach…

The truth?

⚡I write all my content myself ( hence why so many typo mistakes 😂) I am a storyteller at heart, it took me 11 years to be able to express myself in English in the same way I used to do in French, and I find writing cathartic and I love it.

⚡I haven’t had a coach in 6 months.
I could no longer hear about another IG strategy, funnel, launches, algorithm, or divine feminine energy…or how taking a bath and trusting my sacral would tell me which direction to take…or not.

Yes I do believe in Coaching more than anything, but sometimes we need to step back and trust ourselves on the best way to move forward 🙏

What I did to grow my business so fast…

⚡I have worked with a healer in the middle of nowhere in France.

⚡I have done some Kynesiology to heal open wounds and clear some deep She*t

⚡I have raised my standards really high and stopped tolerating anything else than what I truly desired.

⚡I have taken time off, jumped on a plane to be with my family, drove 10 hours to spend time with my besties in Monaco…

⚡I have eaten more bread and cheese in 6 weeks that I may ever do in my all life..

⚡I have drunk loads of juices…one of them being called Rose…


🔥 M.A.G.N.E.T.I.C 🔥