In the past two years running my business, I realised that it’s a lot easier to make 10K ca$h per week than engaging online with 10K followers…

I used to think I needed to post daily, cause you know, THE ALGORITHM 🤮🤮🤮

And once posted, I would frantically check my numbers…

Refresh..REFRESH…Wait what? Only 153 LIKES?!! 😱

ALL THIS TIME spent creating this FABULOUS graphic for 153 likes??!

And then it sinked…My people wanted to see ME. Not the glamorous version of me, but the one who cares to show up in a hoodie with NO makeup. The one who doesn’t give a F****.

The one who shared her burnout, her depression, her detox, her panic attack…🙏

The one who OWNED being a healer, but not one in the middle of a forest, no.. a healer in CHANEL….in fact, I made more sales from a selfie than from my most luxurious photoshoot ever.

As a result….my business E.X.P.L.O.D.E.D.🔥

Let me tell you something…Your number of “likes” or “followers” is NOT responsible for the WEALTH and Freedom you DESIRE.

I have had 2 reels that went VIRAL and NOT. ONE. SINGLE. SALES.from it 😶

However…when you know HOW to create the GREATEST RESULTS with your clients…

⚡When your client shares their success

⚡When they ARTICULATE the thing that only them can do

⚡When they focus on working with clients ready to get RESULTS fast

⚡When they know how to speak directly from their HEART…

Then this is how you know you’re on the right path.

I want you to imagine this… just for a little second..

YOU… already very well positioned…so many people already know you.
(Thanks to the hardcore burn out work you did before knowing me 😉 )

And miraculously… these people start paying you what you worth in FULL … for your amazing mindset, for WHO YOU REALLY ARE.