Raise your hand if this resonates 🙋‍♀️

Do you know what happens when we focus on number of “likes”? We get distracted from what LOVE really is.

Chasing for “likes” can eat you up 😪

Most of us are guilty of playing the game of the online world we now live in.

Don’t be fooled though… “Likes” are CONDITIONAL and a cheap version of what LOVE is 💕.

As long as you behave, people like you. But if you mess up, then that’s another story…

💡 So you would you like to be LOVED then?

Truth bomb 🎇: it all starts with your energy, by doing the deep inner work, from within!

🙏 Calling out the relationship that you have with yourself.

Tell me…How can you except people to love you, when all you do is giving yourself “conditional likes”? 🙄

Don’t forget… like is just a button on the internet.