I have pulled cards for the collective this morning…

August is going to act as a catalyst month for a lot of us, helping us awaken in different areas of our life.

Looking at what lies in front of us, helping us choose our path. We are being asked to surrender, to relax and to observe.

To find an awakening in that situation.

If you’re in a relationship, stay calm and go with it.

When you learn to surrender, to let go and to flow with the situation, it will lead you to the best outcome: closure or success.

As you surrender, let go of off any stressful energy, flow with it 🙏

For some of you, it could also mean a peaceful closure that is meant for you. A fresh wave of light-hearted energy if coming your way.

Exciting new opportunities, a new direction into your life, exciting collaborations, new offers. GROWTH.

You will be gaining a lot of clarity.

August is a month of successful energy with new ideas coming your way 🦄

Believe in you. Align to that energy and release any fear you may have around money, tune into the energy of the Abundance.

Take time to breath out and relax, and just flow. Let all the stress move out off your energy system so that you can invite in the new. Have faith in our dreams, and that you’re being guided in the right direction 💜

Enter the month of August knowing that a new start is coming and that a fire in you is going to guide you towards the success that you crave 🔥

All you need to do is release the old energy and make space for the new exciting offers that are coming for you.

Allow for a new cycle to begin 👑

How are you feeling about August?