The faster way to get what you want is to alter who you are being ⚡

I was having a conversation today with a new client of mine.

When I told him that he needs to flip the switch, and to learn how to receive to get more of what he wants, he looked at me surprised and said:

“How to I do that?” 🤔

👉 You need to learn how to receive without needing to give anything back in return!

“Isn’t it selfish?”

👉 NO!!!

You need to raise your standards and learn how to receive and hold onto the energy of receiving.

Does it mean that you wait for the Universe to knock at your door?


As if you really want something, you need to go and get it ⚡

Don’t get around the excuses that you are telling yourself.

This voice that tells you that you are not worthy of getting what you want.

You need to silence the voice that tells you that it is not ok to get what you want.

You need to hold yourself to those standards.

You need to be bold, to be willing to let go of things, to embrace change 🌊

When we tolerate and accept something that doesn’t meet our standards, we will receive less than what we deserve in our lives.

Sometimes, all we need is to let go off the things we think we need, even though it is scary.

We need to let go off the old, and make space for the new 🙏

So we can receive more of what we truly desire..

Let me know if you have goose pumps reading this…😘 or if you’re not ready yet.