Oops I did it again…

Signed up for another year on the crazy entrepreneurial journey.

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already.

Somehow still figuring things out.

And not really sure where I am heading to.

-> I don’t have a map.

-> I don’t have a 5 year plan.

-> I don’t have a clear niche.

-> I don’t have a tagline.

-> I don’t even have a specific financial goal.

And yet…

⚡️I fully replaced my corporate salary in less than 2 years.

⚡️I went from relationship coaching to building brands for high profile individuals.

⚡️I grew my IG account from 200 to over 5000 never talking about business.

⚡️I have a freaking high retention rate.

⚡️I love talking about spirituality and manifestation.

⚡️Posting selfies on LInkdin and dancing on IG no longer scare me.

⚡️I am over 40 and Google most of the Gen Z abbreviations.

I am sharing this today because not everyone’s journey is meant to be the same.

You may be looking at others success stories wondering when your time will come.

Well, let me tell you one thing I have learnt:

>>> If it was just about having the right strategy, we would all be millionaires!

It’s time to own your story.

You’re unique.

Own it. Claim it.

And have fun along the way.

– – –

PS: I celebrated by getting 2 new tattoos..maybe I ll post the other one tomorrow ☺️

PSS: How do you celebrate your wins ?