My first sales post ever had 3 likes.

Yup. That’s it.

Only 3 likes 😨. I nearly deleted it.

One from my auntie. One from my mum. And…One from someone who asked me for the link and paid in full.

When I started my business, I felt very uncomfortable selling.
I kept writing inspirational content, in the hope that someone would reach out and say:

“Hey!! I want to work with you!”

Some did. But the majority were silently lurking, wondering how to work with me.

And my bank account was not reflecting the hours spent creating content!

– – –
The moment I realised that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, things shifted for me in the blink of an eye. And this is how I was suddenly able to take a month off this summer, sipping rose on the beach and whilst receiving payment links request.

-> Without having to jump on a sales call.
-> Without having to do a masterclass.
-> Without having to be in my DMs all day long.

Just by sharing the TRANSFORMATION my clients were having.

Forget about the likes. You only need ONE person to see your offer. And to feel like you’re talking to them. Simple.

– – –

I posted on Friday in my stories on Instagram that I was planning a new mastermind.

-> I have not launched yet.
-> No branding.
-> No sales page.

But an amazing woman signed up yesterday already.


If you too, are ready for extraordinary results, apply via the link in my bio 😘

☝🏻This, my friend, is called: SELLING.