I directed the most fun photoshoot ever.

And I was scared to post this photo.

Wanna know why?
Because of what people would say…

And so I hesitate to post this photo in case people would judge me.

WDSTSI. (Who does she think she is) 😤

– – –

It’s a disease that keeps us small.

But that’s how we feel about most things when it comes to business.

Should I approach that podcaster?
> No, I am not famous enough. WDSTSI.

Should I go live?
> No, I need my hair done. WDSTSI.

Should I publish this blog post?
> I wonder if it’s interesting enough. WDSTSI.

Should I connect with someone I know can use my help?
> No way, that sounds too pushy. WDSTSI.

Also known as FEAR of judgment.
Keeping us small.

– – –

I am going to share with you a little secret…

The number ONE thing that helped me replace my corporate salary.

-> Letting go of what people think about me 🙅‍♀️

⚡️Yes, I am different.
⚡️I have an accent.
⚡️I don’t look like a typical coach.
⚡️I talk too fast. I am an introvert.
⚡️I am 40 plus and I still dance on video.
⚡️I hate launching.
⚡️I don’t talk about business so much.

Before, things like these made me so anxious. But not anymore.

And I am telling you today:

Unless you are ready to show up as the REAL YOU, you will stay where you are.