I am not a life coach.

When I started my business, I used social media like my diary.

Posting about all of the things I am passionate about.

AKA spiritual development and all that jazz.

Whilst my audience grew rapidly, I realised that I kept attracting the wrong clients for me, not aligned with my vision.

> The broken ones, who needed to be fixed.

> The ones with a scarcity mindset.

> The ones who were looking for a reason to NOT take action (cause the Universe was going to take care of for the New Moon).

– – –

This is when I made THE shift.

I am not just the woman who breath and dance on the beach. 👇🏻

>>> I am a business strategist who helps leaders turn their story into their fuel, be visible and build authority.

– – –

Here is what I did:

-> I changed my messaging.

-> I talked about Sales, Messaging and Money.

-> I bragged about my clients results.

And here is what happened:

> My engagement dropped by 70% ( at first)

> People unfollowed me.

> My bank account grew by 150%.

> January 2022 was my biggest month in business: $28K day.

– – –

Call it Manifestation or Luck.


So if you are still thinking that I am a life coach: revisit please.

-> I am a visibility Queen 👑

I turn my clients genius into GOLD.

Ideas pour out of my brain like crazy.

I love making people look beautiful.

And unrelated selfies 😊

But that’s for another story.