How do you work through the pain? How do you find your way back? .
Do you keep yourself in denial of what is truly happening or are you willing to work through adversity, and to do something different to help you grow out of it?
Dr Angela Smith explores in her Ted Talk why some people are more resilient than others.
They have 3 things in common:
1. They all have a 3am friend
2. They are intensely curious
3. They focus on actual selfcare everyday as opposed to consumer health care
Another recurring question I am being asked, is how can we manage change in times of adversity?
Especially when there are so many things you can’t control:
– You can’t control what people will say about you
– You can’t control what’s happening around you
– You can’t control what people do
– You can’t control the outcome of your efforts
– You can’t control Time
I believe we can either just survive, or either use this time to thrive.
So look at what you can control and what you CAN DO today, to make sure you will be on the right path.

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