Is self-care becoming a luxury or should we make it a priority?
If you are constantly feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, how will you be able to handle
work- life challenges?
To help you make self-care part of your daily routine and finally stick to it, I want to share with you 4 tips to get you started:
1- Create space: for yourself, and for those you love. Look at your weekly diary and take off what is not necessary. Simple.
2- Reconnect: commit to do something that brings you joy everyday. Meditating, listening to your favourite podcast, reading… Just try and see what works for you.
3- Boost: fuel your body with the right food, drink loads of water, and commit to exercise at least 30min per day. Get these endorphins going!
4- Recharge: switch of electronics, get a good book, and try to go to bed earlier.
Let the fun begin. What will you do for yourself today?
It is YOUR time. It is GROW time

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