I had spent my Sunday working, planning my week, writing content, getting my daughter ready for school, cooking…Suddenly it hit me. I was exhausted.
I needed to PAUSE.
I switched of my laptop.
I got myself a cup of tea.
A bar of chocolate. Or maybe two.
I put on some relaxing music, closed my eyes, and I focused on some deep breathing.
It took a bit of time but I eventually I started to feel a little more relaxed. Calmer.
Now let’s be REAL for a minute. No one’s life is perfect! You may be a CEO, a manager, a marketer, a trainer, a sales leader, a mum, or running your own business…Whoever you are, it can be very exhausting to always show up at your best!
So if you too sometimes wish you could PAUSE, then do it. Find your flow. Be conscious where you get your energy from. And allow yourself to just BE.

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