Last year, I realised I wanted more creativity in my life, but most importantly, that I needed more time to be a mother, so I made the decision to give up the corporate world and to create my ideal job. One thing that made me particularly anxious when I set up was the feeling that there was not enough time in the day. I would take my daughter to school, have meetings, send emails, make phone calls, and it was already time to pick her up again. I just went around and around like this, having the terrible feeling that I didn’t have the time to get anything done!
Is that problem uncommon?
Not really. If we look around us, there are many incredibly bright and successful women and men, who decided to give up their careers to be with their kids, only to realise that they were suffering even more with anxiety.
So what’s the solution?
First and foremost, audit your diary to see how you spent your days.
(Hellooo social media scrolling!)
Then start SCHEDULING. It will help you:
– Prioritize the 3 most important things you need to do in a day
– Improve your efficiency by cutting the distractions
– Free up time to do the things that matter to you
you CAN DO today, to make sure you will be on the right path.

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